Not quite .... Dirac contrived a sea of negative charged particles to try and resolve an issue ... and I do mean contrived there is no scientific basis behind it other than to try and balance the cosmological constant.

That is VERY VERY different to the higgs where the particle is nuetral infact almost sterile in this universe. The higgs is a somewhat complex process by comparision as scientists struggled to find mechanisms that fitted the data not try to balance some abstract mathematical equation.

You still have NOT answered a single question Socratus and as this is getting boringly one sided I know how all this stuff works I shall probably cease discussion shortly.

My interest still is in why the universe and humans exist in your opinion.

This is one of the key differentials between science and religion.

Science can have the universe springing up because of some random fluctuation and humans here because we got a series of lucky breaks through evolution, so we are here because we are amongst the luckiest of chances.

The moment you bring a GOD into the equation all that changes the universe and humans have to exist for a very specfic reason

As someone who was bought up without religion and as a keen scientists this is the BIGGEST BY FAR change in introducing a GOD.

I can give you any number of papers and links on how the universe can be created by chance by subatomic quantum fluctions but the moment you bring in GOD chance goes there has to be reason.

As I look at all the religions now it my first question what is each religions logic of why GOD exists. Many I find totally lacking in any sort of sense.

And so the inescapable question I ask of the great vacuum god to you is


Why does the universe exist and why humans exist for your religion.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.