This whole thread has got so ridiculous I am leaving you all to it.

We have a people who can't even get there head around the most fundemental things that have countless experimental proofs making up there own data from around blackholes (what your god transported you there and back to get the data) and now inventing data around laser cooling.

Then we redfine how laser cooling works first we have the lasers aren't hot, then we have they are only holding stuff in position and then we finally work out its exchanging photons but not the significance of that.

Now we have two sort of physics in the world apparently classical and QM and they have a seperation.

NEWSFLASH that is all bullshit.

As Bill Gill has already also stated "The conservation of energy has been proved beyond any possible doubt" but not to you guys apparently. I can't even get common ground to prove it to you because your physics is so poor and you make stuff up as you as go, so I give in believe whatever you want.

So I shall leave you physics genius to it because discussion has become pointless because one does not need proof or show logic one just dribbles garbage and it is so in this discussion.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.