Since your in a talkative mood Socratus then lets see if we can engage you.

Temperature is an incomplete physical description in quantum mechanics it does not even exist as a physical unit or concept :-)

How can a physical thing I can see and measure not be real you ask and why doesn't it exist in QM.

lets look at 2 real world examples.

1.) The earth population has roughly on average 50% female and 50% male and therefore on an group of humans we select you can expect to find on average 1 testicle and 1 developed breast per human. Does this always hold ... no if you measure in a ladies hair salon or a public toilet you would get a vastly different answer.

2.) A rainbow is a thing I can see and I can even measure light, color and dimensions. Being a real thing I can measure and dimension it must have a temperature right, so what is the temperature of a rainbow socratus?

Hopefully this should give you some insight in example 1 our description is incomplete we have assumed breasts and testacles are fundemental to humans. The reality is they are fundemental to only 1 sex our combining of the two groups leads to a fundemental measuring problem.

Problem 1 was realised by Max Planck and lead to Planck's law as he realised temperature is an incomplete description of any physical property.

Problem 2 was realised by Heisenberg and Einstein that an observation of your rainbow and any measure on the rainbow is only valid in that reference frame. There is no zero reference frame that you can measure the rainbow because the reality is it doesn't exist as a solid thing, the rainbow only exists as a measurement in the observers reference frame.

So now to your answers.

the reference frame T=0K is an absolute fact IS WRONG

Temperature is an incomplete physical description and therefor can not be absolute just your ability to measure the physical composite you call temperature has a limit. This is why when you take things down to absolute zero QM behavior the other part of temperature you don't usually see becomes dominant and easy to see.

Speed of light quanta c=1 is another absolute fact IS WRONG.

Incorrect there may be other universes in which the speed of light is different but you will never SEE them.

It is like asking does the rainbow exist when there is no water in the sky and on a sunny day. The answer is it was never there to exist but a rainbow may exist for another observer but as you are not in the other observers position you will never know.

Observation is what makes the reality.

The memo for today:

Perhaps try understanding physics first Socratus before trying to extract meaning out of it.

I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.