Your really not very good at logic games are you Paul.

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actually there is no such thing as a completely straight line.

also , all lines are curved or have waves in them , a curved line is not straight either!

It is irrelevant whether you can actually realistically draw a straight line it is DEFINED as such no if's no but it is defined.

Can you actually draw a straight line thats an entirely unrelated question.

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your reasoning depends on the correctness of human made
definitions of words.

And your starting to get it not just the word but human experience and human reasoning in general.

So now lets see if you get it, answer the question how do you kill a yellow elephant?

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I would be willing to wager that
There is NO such thing as an finite mass.
There is NO such thing as an finite universe.

You are wrong and would lose badly why because they are DEFINED as such.

If there was a mass that was infinite it would have to be called something else and so with a universe.

Think about it our universe is expanding therefore it is not infinite because it is expanding into something bigger.

If either was truely infinite we would have to add in a new name because they would no longer meet the definition.

REALTY and DEFINITION do not have to be the same humans readily substitute something close to the definition as a reality.

Hence whether you can ACTUALLY draw a straight line is irrelevant humans will substitute something that looks like a straight line as a REALITY of a straight line.

It's called human subjectiveness and it is what defines reality.

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I would base the chances of my winning the wager on the fact
that you would be relying on what man has written.


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still , I would like to see your so called proof!
surely what you have written so far was not your trump card.

if there is any proof!

think about it...

You really don't get it do you.

You cant prove anything absolutely it requires human subjective reality.

You think I am joking here take the hard discipline of mathematics you would think everything is well defined you would think there is no room for human subjectiveness ... right?


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The equality 0.999... = 1 has long been accepted by mathematicians and is part of general mathematical education. Nonetheless, some students find it sufficiently counterintuitive that they question or reject it, commonly enough that the difficulty of convincing them of the validity of this identity has been the subject of several studies in mathematics education.

You may want to look at the proofs in wikipedia.

It's quite funny watching good maths students getting traumatised by that problem.

The reality is you cant seperate 0.999... and 1 it requires human subjectivity.

So my answer to you is I could never prove there is no god to you Paul becuase your human subjectivity will not allow me to do so.

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