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So, . . where do we go out ?

We can't test what's out of the universe so science doesn't care ... GET IT SCIENCE DOESN'T CARE AND IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Let me reverse the problem .. assume science knew everything about the universe .. every single thing ... does that prove there isn't a god?

NO ... because god could have made it all to run automatic like humans make a robot or a production line.

Being a divine entity a god could simply decide to break all the rules he setup to do whatever he likes in the same way a human modifies a robot or production line.


And that is the basic answer to your posts and why they are garbage and get you banned on science forums because they simply don't matter EXCEPT TO YOU because you seem to need proof of your god even though religion tells you time and time again that god will never give you you proof it is a matter of faith.

>>>> So now your question Socratus <<<<

If YOUR god wanted us to know he was real why doesn't he appear in the middle of prime time television or a very public place and start doing miracles every day so we know he is real????????

Hell he could have his own TV channel and advertise it because after all he is GOD.

You really think he would waste time trying to trick and fool science as some sort of proof of his existance ... SERIOUSLY ARE YOU THAT NAIVE AND DESPERATE?

It's a pretty basic question Socratus I have answered yours as honestly as I can try answering mine.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.