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If we go out of mass then it can be only one possibility -
- we will enter into an empty space.


Mass is transferred by the reaction of matter with the higgs particle then if we go out as you put it we are simply something like the higgs.

Infact you would look alot like a something made of nuetrons and simply fly thru space barely interacting with the normal matter of this universe.

Where you would be well thats hard to say in the higgs world but not truely able to react in this universe.

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‘ A world without masses, without electrons, without an
electromagnetic field is an empty world. Such an empty
world is flat. But if masses appear, if charged particles
appear, if an electromagnetic field appears then our world
becomes curved. Its geometry is Riemannian, that is,
non- Euclidian.’
/ Book ‘Albert Einstein’ The page 116 . by Leopold Infeld. /


The electron, mass and all our world is still there you just can't interact with it you would be like a classical ghost.

Mr Einstein predates the Higgs theory by 70 years so he can't help you in this matter :-)


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