And.. what you have seperated out is meaningless in isolation?

Space and time has a stability state that could be a ground stable state or a higher level metastable state thats all.

You are left with the problem there is quantum motion or quantum fluctuations even in these stable states. Therefore you can not reference anything absolutely but only through probabilties in QM.

So none of that gives you an absolute reference point and infact it is highly likely there is no absolute reference.

Please also note:
According to Quantum Physics total energy of T=0K is infinite IS WRONG

It goes to some arbritrary high value which we can not define on current data.

The same problem exists for you in the classic world ... what is the maximum temperature that can exist.

In the classic sense the answer is it depends on the start conditions of the universe energy at start divided by amount of space. Given we can't answer those variables the question is very very very high. It would be definitely finite but for intensive purposes that we will never be able to measure we call it infinite.

You are attempting to get to the same problem under QM and the answer remains the same initial energy of the system divided by the area of the system at start point.

To put some current background to this the highest temperature ever man made has been reported this week.

You will notice alot of comments around the same question what is the highest temperature possible. I loved the link ( feel free to make your own number :-)

ANSWER: We don't know, we will know when we get there and for now you can call it infinite.

I fear you get hung up on infinity like a few others on this forum, looking at you Bill S :-)

Infinity is simply a place holder for a very large finite number that we don't know. I know of nothing in science that I would ever try to say was truely physically infinite and I doubt there is such thing as true infinity.

In physics you also get nonsensical answers based on our human observations as well for example

- What is the temperature of a rainbow.
- When I am standing in the eye of a cyclone which way is the wind blowing
- Find me a stationary point in the universe
- Which way is up in the universe

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