Correct Bill I don't think any scientist would think any temeperature is a reference frame much less any sort of absolute reference because temperature is not a fundemental thing.

If your really interested in undertsanding socratus probably start here

This is sort of bringing in QM without the heavy complexity of QM and the key point to take is what science is telling you temperature is


Temperature (T) = parameter that describes the energy distribution across the quantum states available to the system

Do you understand why temperature can't be a reference frame from that?

Perhaps if we take the problem into a one dimensional oscillator

See the outcome


The corresponding zero-point motion is a quantum mechanical phenomenon. Classically, there is no motion as T->0. Thus, we expect that quantum mechanics predicts more motion than classical mechanics, especially at low temperature.

See there is a huge problem for your temperature reference frame things move even at T=0K and thus temperature can not be a reference frame of any kind.

You may ask is this quantum movement proven and I selected the 1 dimensional oscillator example because it is quite topical for this week


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