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Where did ' the Higgs particle ' come from ?

Messenger particle for the Higgs Field :-)

Now you are going to ask where the Higgs field came from aren't you .... Hahaha

Your "God of the vacuum" is getting more removed and more unimportant to the universe by every reply.

Learn a lesson socratus if there is a GOD he doesn't need a mechanism or a structure, that is why in most religions it is a sin to make GOD into an effegy WHICH IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

>>> You have made your god an effegy of the vacuum of space <<<

GOD if he exists makes what he wants to happen BECAUSE HE WILLS IT SO ... he is a divine entity and outside the rules of science.

A rainbow exists to humans as a visibile thing yet to science it is nothing more than optical effect it does not exist as an "entity" to science.

Science views god it much the same way it can shed no light on the presence or absence of GOD because like the rainbow, god is not a physical entity to science. GOD may be real but it is not a matter of science it is a matter of FAITH.

The discovery of the higgs firms up science understanding of space and vacuum and QM advances every day but none of that will help you with proof of a vacuum or energy god.

To me you look like you are struggling with your FAITH looking desperately for signs of your god in science and I am sorry we can't help you.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.