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Now who's flogging a dead horse?

What object is ' a dead horse' ?

Socratus, a dead horse is much the same as a live one except
that it's dead - the point being that it's noticeably less responsive.
In other words, it means: to engage in fruitless effort.

Thank you, redewenur
I understand your point.

Now try to understand my point.

Do you see the Orac picture: Beating a dead horse ?
You see the horse is dead.
And Bill S. ask : Now who's flogging a dead horse?

To beat a dead horse is a stupid business.
It is Sisyphean work
I changed the theme and ask: What object is ' a dead horse' ?

I will take this theme more broadly.
Modern physicists think that there is such thing as
randomness, probability, relativity . . . and they are basis of physics.

And I say that there is also such thing as absolutely
and absolutely is basis of physics.
For example: the reference frame T=0K is an absolute fact.
Speed of light quanta c=1 is another absolute fact.
Now it is possible to take these two (2) absolute parameters
and using SRT, QT and Thermodynamic laws and formulas
to explain the creation of nature and philosophy of physics
clear and logical.
My question:
Can these two absolute parameters be a dead horse ?