laser cooling that is using hot lasers to cool an object to near absolute zero

where did you see that at , Orac?

heres an article from MIT in 2007 that explains laser cooling
as a holding force , but there is no mention of heat.


To reach such extreme temperatures, the researchers are combining two previously demonstrated techniques-optical trapping and optical damping. Two laser beams strike the suspended mirror, one to trap the mirror in place, as a spring would (by restoring the object to its equilibrium position when it moves), and one to slow (or damp) the object and take away its thermal energy.

Combined, the two lasers generate a powerful force--stronger than a diamond rod of the same shape and size as the laser beams--that reduces the motion of the object to near nothing.

Using light to hold the mirror in place avoids the problems raised by confining it with another object, such as a spring, Mavalvala said. Mechanical springs are made of atoms that have their own thermal energy and thus would interfere with cooling.

please paste a link to the hot laser.

Paul that sort of garbage was disproved in 1894 by Max Planck

could you also paste a link to the information about max planck
showing how he disproved that sort of garbage.

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