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Temperature is an incomplete physical description in quantum mechanics it does not even exist as a physical unit or concept :-)

How can a physical thing I can see and measure not be real
you ask and why doesn't it exist in QM.
So now to your answers.

the reference frame T=0K is an absolute fact IS WRONG

Temperature is an incomplete physical description and therefor
can not be absolute just your ability to measure the physical
composite you call temperature has a limit. This is why when
you take things down to absolute zero QM behavior the other
part of temperature you don't usually see becomes dominant and easy to see.

Speed of light quanta c=1 is another absolute fact IS WRONG.

Incorrect there may be other universes in which the speed
of light is different but you will never SEE them.

bservation is what makes the reality.

The problem number one (1) in QT is:
The infinite T=0K does not exist in QT as a basic physical concept .
Everybody knows that now the cosmic microwave background
radiation parameter T=2,7K is our an absolute reference frame.
This parameter is not constant. It goes down to absolute zero
and tomorrow it will be T=0K.

Of course this infinite homogeneous T=0K in its local small places
can be changed / broken. In these local places we can see stars,
planets, vacuum polarization / fluctuation, Casimir effect .

The problem number two (2 ) in QT is:
We donít know that quantum of light is.

The Michelson-Morley experiment showed that the
speed of quantum of light is constant
in all directions regardless of the motion of the source.

On the other hand quantum of light can change its constant speed.
It is proved in Einsteinís SRT ( by my opinion).
Because one of Einsteinís postulate says that quantum of light
moves in a straight line with constant and independent
speed c=1.

The other Einsteinís SRT postulate says that movement is
relative conception.(!) Every speed , even the speed of quantum
of light (!) is relative. It means that quantum of light can have
two kinds of motions: constant and relative. (!)
/ Faster-than-light. /
the best media for transmitting quantum information is single photons.