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or is this just science once again spouting out claims without any type of data or proof.

Read the origins of the argument Paul

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The argument is medieval, dating at least to the 12th century, addressed by Averros (11261198) and later by Thomas Aquinas.[2] Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite (before 532) has a predecessor version of the paradox, asking whether it is possible for God to "deny himself".

So once again you start wailing and ranting on that science did this or that when it has nothing to do with science it's a philosophical and logical argument.

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you exist inside a box , and that box protects you from seeing outside the box.

yet , inside that box you have found that there is another really small box where the laws of physics do not exist.

if you could see outside the box your in you might notice that the laws of physics also do not exist outside the box.

it might be that infinity exist outside the box your in.

in each direction.

And I see Socratus has picked up your idea and at least tries to tie up lose ends of the problems you are left with.

In your version there could be a box within a box within a box like a russian dolls, so now you have the problem there could be an omnipotent god controlling an omnipotent god.

Socratus realizes that and makes the outside infinite so it can't be russian dolled but even so a big problem remains.

I can setup an illogical paradoxes easily here let me show you.

A typical question "If god can make everything can he please make the universe so it is complete so there is no inside or outside box and can he make me his equal".

Now socratus world comes crashing down because saying no means god can't do everything and saying yes means he has an equal.

Why it's a chilrens paradox is because most children realise the paradox is in the word description to try and solve it is nonsense.

Can GOD make a line not straight ... ANSWER NO ... NOT because god can't do it BUT because a line is DEFINED as straight.

Can GOD make a rock so heavy that it can not be lifted ... ANSWER NO ... Not because god can't do it BUT because mass is DEFINED as finite.

It is your trying to make finite things infinite and REAL that creates the paradox.

There is NO LINE that is not straight.
There is NO such thing as an infinite mass.
There is NO such thing as an infinite universe.

Infinity is simply a name for a very large but as yet unknown number and the paradox disappears and that tells you that infinity is an abstract idea and can never be real.

Thus ends the memo for today and it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with philosophy and logic ... DO NOT TRY TO MAKE REAL THAT WHICH IS NOT.

So your final question to see if it has sunk in:

"How do you kill a yellow elephant" if you don't know the answer ask a child.

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