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And.. what you have seperated out is meaningless in isolation?

Please also note:
According to Quantum Physics total energy of T=0K is infinite IS WRONG

It goes to some arbritrary high value which we can not define on current data.

The same problem exists for you in the classic world ... what is the maximum temperature that can exist.

Infinity is simply a place holder for a very large finite number that we don't know. I know of nothing in science that I would ever try to say was truely physically infinite and I doubt there is such thing as true infinity.

"Gentlemen, that is surely true,
it is absolutely paradoxical;
we cannot understand infinity,
and we don't know what it means.
But we have proved it,
and therefore we know it must be the truth."
/ from an email /

Again and again Infinity appears in many physical and
mathematical problems. And therefore we can read:
Infinity is the cause of the crisis in Physics.