the energy gained by this powerful explosion matches exactly the energy necessary to do the electrolysis.

how much energy is necessary to do the electrolysis?

you havent shown this , yet you jump to the conclusion that it will take just as much energy as the explosion delivers.

unless you can show that the explosion delivers less energy than the energy required to make the HHO then
your point is moot / invalid / worthless.

after all we already know that a gasoline powered generator can produce 5.5 kw using 1/3 the energy
that is contained in a equal amount of Hydrogen.

so a hydrogen powered generator using the same amount of fuel should produce 3 times that energy even if used in a
in-efficient internal combustion engine that has been designed to use gasoline.

I should be able to power a 16.5 kW generator when using
HHO in the in-efficient internal combustion engine.

so I should be able to use 11 kW to produce the HHO
and still have the 5.5 kW from the generator to use as a power source if I use a in-efficient internal combustion engine .

to charge up my electric car and to power my home.

so naturally I would expect that using HHO in an engine designed to use gasoline would result in a automatic
87% in-efficient engine opperation.

but if I use the HHO in an efficient engine that has been designed to use HHO I could get a whole lot more as the gasoline engine waste apx 87% of the energy in the gasoline fuel it uses.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.