Me and Kallog have been discussing using the buoyancy
of HHO to recover the electricity that was used in converting water into HHO in the thread
"Harnessing the power of the sun " since the thread has
moved so far off course I have decided to move it to its own thread.

Kallog, since we were having such a hard time with the buoyancy I though I would make an image of a way to use gravity instead , perhaps we can agree on this one and dispose of all the complicated buoyancy and pressure stuff and get on with it.

in the below image the water is converted into HHO at the bottom and then the HHO rises to the top where it is converted back into water as it is used as a fuel.
the water then is put into the containers that were emptied at the bottom and gravity pulls them down.

click the below image for a larger one.
then click the larger one for an even larger one.

since it is the amount of weight pressing downwards that will determine the amount of electricity you can recover
from a HHO generating process , and since the height of this type of system does not require more electricity for a higher system to produce the HHO at the bottom.

and since the HHO is lighter than air and will rise to the top itself without requireing additional electricity
the amount of electricity you can recover or produce or both only depends on how high you want to build it.

or how much FREE ENERGY you can handle.


you can do the above alot cheaper by using a tall pipe , and let the water flow into the pipe at the top.

then at the bottom you can use a hydraulic motor , just let the pressurized water from the bottom of the pipe flow through the hydraulic motor at the bottom to turn a gear box (at whatever rpm your generator system requires) and then the generator.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.