what I said about the use of thermodynamics is true.

is physics becomming more like a religion these days?

for some reason I really think you know that the following
is true , yet you didnt seem to say anything about it.

if you reduce the scale of everything by say 100
then the 978 mile height becomes 9.78 miles
the 252 kW becomes 2.5 kW and so on.

you could even reduce the scale even further.

it would be entirely possible to make a floating platform at a 9.78 mile height , and using nanocarbon pipes that are supposed
to be stronger than steel , should make this entirely feasible.

now I know that the weather would present a problem but just the fact that this would work voids the first law as you use it.

but as I use it it will never be voided.

I could build something that could sit in your yard and it would be the size of a small swimming pool and it would produce HHO 24/7 and would power itself , and your home , and charge your electric cars batteries.

or you could just put one in you car.

you could put one in a airplane.

it would work in outer space , or on the moon , or on
mars... hint

but getting funding for anything that produces or saves any
large amount of energy is impossible because the people who supply the funding rely on people who have been taught wrongly for their opinions on the invention or process and they simply use the first law as their knowledge base and that pretty much dissallows any energy savings or free energy production.

I have tried many times , and am always shot down by thermodynamics.

even though thermodynamics is not used correctly its wrongfull usage is the correct way to ensure destruction.


3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.