Hmm using some of that 20% recovery rate is going to be tight. But I look forward to it.

well the 1800 litres HHO cost 252 kW / minute if I remember correctly , then I recovered 309 kW / minute.

50.4 kW would be 20% of 252kW.

100% would just be making up for the lost 20% normally seen in HHO production or if I only recovered 50.4 kW.

so I have 57 kW / minute to use for the vacume or the extra watts needeed to convert HHO in the higher pressure water before I go below 200% efficiency.

so for now I will wait until I find out how much more
energy will be required to produce HHO in pressures or
in a vacume.

but I already think that the vacume wont require much more
at all.

so right now Im at 200% efficiency plus 57 kW per minute.


thanks for the vacume info , how would you calculate
a 5 inch vacume?

vacume is measured on a guage by inches , at least thats
what my guage reads , I suppose I can just guess the force I apply to the vacume pump and measure its piston area x stroke , then measure the volume of air inside the flask I am throwing the vacume on since the guage will tell me what the vacume is , I should be able to make a close estimate this way.

it seems that the water wants to boil at apx 22 inches of vacume so certainly I wouldnt need that much and it takes several pumps with the hand pump to achieve 22 inches of vacume.

I say boil but its not boil like water and heat , its like
hydrogen comming out of the water using just a vacume.

anyway I think that the extra 57 kW / minute sholud be capable of doing this wouldnt you think?

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