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and the HHO is generated just above the bottom of the pipe
we have all seen that the HHO in all the videos floats upwards
in atmospheric pressure (1 atm) and there is no hardship

I think you ignored everything I just wrote. Generating HHO at 1atm uses more energy than generating it at lower pressure. You've said that yourself, and it sounds very reasonable. You find some evidence that it's wrong and you might have something.

I know you understand the idea that creating a bubble of gas lifts up the column of air above it. That consumes all the energy you might recover floating that bubble all the way to the top of the atmosphere. In other words dropping the column of air back to where it was.

Sure you can make the pipe higher and recover more of the wasted energy. At best you can approach recovering all of the energy by building a tower as high as the atmosphere.


big deal as the company or home probably already has a 40 psi water supply.

but you should also keep in mind that it rains these days
and a rain capture tank could be located at the top also !!

If it depends on those things then it's not free energy, so who cares? Anyone can make a home hydro generator anyway. If it doesn't depend on those things then don't muddy the waters by mentioning them. They're a red herring.


you should know by now that I dont believe in the energy conservation belief system that you believe in , as I know better.

I prefer to use the common sence method vs the theoretical
methods when determining if somethng will or will not work.

and just because you cant buy a FREE ENERGY system does not mean
that they cannot be built.

Show me any evidence of violation of conservation of energy. You can't, so why believe in it?

Show me any free energy machine that's ever been built. You can't, because none exists to public knowledge. So why believe in it? Why not believe in magic carpets or little green men on the moon?

Common sense is the antithesis of science. By definition common sense can never lead to any new discoveries. You're always constrained by limited personal experience. Theoretical science can go much further than the feeble human imagination. That's why the Earth now goes round the Sun, instead of the common sense alternative that people once blindly believed.

But again, why aren't you building it? You still don't appreciate the spectacular value it will have? I can understand not building a rainwater electric generator - it's pretty mundane and only marginally useful. But free energy will SOLVE ALL THE WORLD'S BIGGEST PROBLEMS FOREVER!!