well I thought it would be nice to have the exact or a very close volume of gasoline fuel used per power stroke this way an equal volume of HHO can be used for comparison.
although an equal volume of HHO is 3 times more powerfull than gasoline.

which will most likely allow for a reduction in HHO volume per power stroke compared to the power strokes in a gasoline engine in a working model.

because the gasoline engine has a higher rpm to achieve the output energy.
I can use the same volume of HHO fuel per unit of time to give momentum to the flywheel and use a much lower rpm , because of the time required to produce the HHO.

for instance in 1 second the gas engine uses 0.00034583 gallons of gasoline.

I might design a HHO engine that only has 1 power stroke every second vs the 15 power strokes every second of the gasoline engine.
this way I can have 15 times the HHO fuel per power stroke.
or maybe every 5 seconds.
this way I can have 75 times the fuel that is used in the gasoline engine over a 5 second period only I will use it at 5 second intervals to slow down the engine.

kind of like a slow motion engine that can be easily understood.
but that will have more output energy than it has input

I have been busy on other things lately but thought I would comment on that.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.