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what I said about the use of thermodynamics is true.

is physics becomming more like a religion these days?

Whatever other people might be doing isn't relevent. They're not holding you back, they're working on their own things. Your intention is to disprove part of the theory. So you don't have to depend on that theory. That's fine. Scientists are doing that all the time with lots of theories. Go for it. I'm also not depending on thermodynamics when I talk to you. Except of course the obvious cases that we both assume are true. For example, the density of a liter of water doesn't spontaneously double if you leave it sitting under the full moon and sing a special chant.


if you reduce the scale of everything by say 100
then the 978 mile height becomes 9.78 miles
the 252 kW becomes 2.5 kW and so on.

Correct. And the 1 liter of water becomes 0.01 liters.
then the water flow rate down the pipe reduces by 100.
And the reduced height causes the pressure at the piston to reduce by 100.
So the power generated by the piston reduces by 10,000 to 25.2W!!

You're welcome to repeat your calculation for any other set of numbers if you think it'll improve the result. You can even use an imaginary planet with a different atmosphere, different gravity, etc.


I could build something that could sit in your yard and it would be the size of a small swimming pool and it would produce HHO 24/7 and would power itself , and your home , and charge your electric cars batteries.

Go for it. But it's already a big step if you just show theoretically that it would work. That costs nothing except your time. But to persuade someone you have to counter every single critisism that anybody makes. It would also help if you explain how everybody else managed to be so wrong for so long. People will want to know that. I mean specifically how - what mistake was made in what experiment by who? Where did somebody forget to divide by 2? Where was a result extrapolated to an untested area? that sort of thing. Point your finger on the actual mistake so everybody can clearly see it. Maybe gravitational potential energy is excluded from the 1st law? Identify the actual problem. Then you can easily test your claim.