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so for every 144 feet in height you would need to supply a
constant force of .03456 lbs in order to get the HHO to go into the pipe at the bottom.

Cheers for working that out. Yea it isn't much, but the tiny weight has a downside -

After you burn the entire 0.035lb of HHO, you only get 0.035lb of liquid water. You've applied enough power to lift 0.035lb up 144ft, and at the same time the water wheel generates as much power as you can get from dropping 0.035lb down 144ft. It's the same!!

You'd need a 100% efficient water wheel just to provide enough power to pump that gas up pipe B2. So there's nothing gained at all.

If this doesn't sound right, remember the water wheel will be rotating extremely slowly. Its buckets are filling 1800 times slower than the HHO is going up the pipe.


well that has that pretty much quantified wouldnt you say

It's half the story, but you completely omitted the energy generated. It has no value unless it generates more than it consumes.


I think that building something should follow design work

So what? Mortgage your house and hire an engineer. No expense is too great. You're forgetting again that after you have it working, you'll be RICHER THAN GOD!! Not only that but you'll have solved all of humanity's biggest problems. Are you too selfish to spend some of your time and money to give billions of people better lives?

Or do you expect it might fail?