Are you forgeting that in Leviticus homosexuality is classified as 'an abomination' to the Lord. Now what do you think that means. Are you forgeting why Sodom (Remember what sodomy means) and Gomorrah were destroyed and how it was prophisied that in the last days it would be just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Are you denying the existence of demons? Just because Christ died for our sins doesn't mean we must continue doing them. Once the Holy Spirit convicts you that such act are wrong you are expected to cease them or at least attempt to. No man is born naturally homosexual except a true hermorphrodite, that is one who has both reproductive organs male and female. The rest are certainly 'sick' mentally that is and they obviously do not realise this. I will search the scriptures for proof that such acts are demonic influences, I think James and Paul both spoke about this and then post it for you to see. If you trully have the Holy Spirit in your life, then you would KNOW that such acts are certainly above slander and other lesser sins and that they are demon influenced.You do do know that there are grades of sins. Remember sinning against the Holy Spirit is unforgiveable, this means that some sins are worse than others. Present day mental illness is the disguise for demon possession I assure you. I had a friend who smoke dagga or what you call 'hashish' he ended up so badly demon possessed that he hurled himself onto a railway line with obvious results. So let us not mislead others into thinking that such acts are condoned by God, no he despises them and those commiting them will likewise perish.