Thanks Justine,

But I have probably inadvertently misrepresented my position.

I do believe that man was created for woman and woman for man. That is not to say that people who choose not to get married have taken a less valued path.


Your last post was more humane and contained a greater degree of compassion and understanding of the plight of others.

I still think it is wrong to elevate homosexual acts above other human failings.

I am selfish a hundred times a day. Whenever I put my needs above those of my wife's, for instance. When I don't do my fair share of the household chores etc. or when I leave her struggling with our grouchy daughter because I am caught up in something.

If you want to define grades of sin, then in my eyes, this is far worse than two men engaging in sexual acts (as if this defines what it is to be gay). This is because my wife hurts when I ignore her needs, and I have been charged by God to always put her first -'And you husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church.' i.e. we must be willing to die for our wives.

In fact, saying 'I would die for my wife' is easy to say, but saying 'I will live for her' is so much harder.

So my behaviour is petty and at times, disgraceful, although I try.

Now would you call my behaviour demonically influenced as you would that of gays, (without Biblical basis)? I am weak enough in this instance to have no need to blame other external entities for my behaviour.

I would really dispense with grades of sin. Do you really think your crappiest behaviour is not detestable to a perfect God? And you have no excuse - you do that which you know you shouldn't do, as do I, yet God treats us with grace. Would you deny that grace to others who have never even wronged you? Or even to those who have wronged you?

No? Then try to be more compassionate and understanding, and refrain from judgemental statements like:

'such acts are demonic influences'

'The rest are certainly 'sick' mentally'

You cannot back up these statements and they appear to be very ignorant.

I believe, like you, that people (gay or not) have a need for Christ, and if they come to him he will accept them no matter what. It is then between them and him, as the author of their faith. At no point should we be standing on the sidelines hatefully judging people.

No wonder the church is hated (for the wrong reasons) because we, like the Pharisees, have become bitter, hate filled, judgemental hypocrites - we are the ones who should be ashamed of our actions.



P.S. The unforgivable sin is 'blasphemy of the holy spirit' and you should know what it is. It in no way leads to the belief that there are grades of sin.