Mr. P.
Also in 'Job' God asked Satan where he had been when Satan came to present himself to God. However I do not agree with jjw004.

God does know everything. But He chooses to allow His creation to have a free will or choice so He never imposes the fact that He knows everything for His own reasons.

Jjw, you are offering an opinion by your interpretation. You suggest that God intentionally choose to deceive us/them because of some special reason of his own. If you want to rewrite the book why don?t you inject a valid reason?

Mr. P, When God found Adam and Eve He found that they were hiding, so He knew before He asked them that they had eaten the 'forbidden' fruit.

Jjw, You give God credit for deductive logic in that there were two things that Adam and Eve were ordered not to do so hiding from God caused him to infer they disobeyed his order. That is something we might infer from those facts but it is not the same as knowing. Also he did not know which of his orders were disobeyed. Your faith is re-writing the book.

Mr. P, I can demonstrate from the Bible that God has this foreknowledge. When Jesus came across a crowd wanting to stone a woman who committed adultery, He asked anyone from the crowd to throw the first stone if they had not committed such sin.

Jjw: We have an important point of departure here. The God of the Bible to which I refer is the Hebrew God of the Old Testament. Jesus arrives with the New Testament and did not claim to be God. He implied that he was the son of God, only.
The reference to the stoning is more like ?let he that is free of sin caste the first stone?. It referred to any sin, not ?such sin?. You appear to offer this item as proof of his pre-knowledge that the people were not free of sin and that is correct but not because he knew all but simply because being born Jewish (I think) his background was all people are sinners.

Mr. P, I do respect your faith. Little things can show how our faith in things can cause them to read more to our liking.