You say - "But for my own part I feel that such acts are demonic influences."

Where in the Bible are homosexual acts portrayed as synonymous with demonic influences?

The points I was making were:

1. This is a complex issue with much disagreement within the church.

2. Homosexuality has become a major issue for the church, when in fact the major issues should be those I mentioned - the hungry, the poor, orphans, the sick, justice etc.

It doesn't help if we demonize gays based upon feelings, when WE have stood by and watched (or partaken in - or even caused) all sorts of evils without so much as the bat of an eyelid. A little bit selective.

The Bible clearly teaches that the issue is not about people's behaviour, but where they stand in relationship to Christ. Do you really want to elevate homosexual acts above things such as slander? - because they both fall short of God's ideal. The difference is that to accuse someone of slander is to accuse them of something they can easily change. To accuse a gay of wrongdoing is to accuse them of something that (in many cases) defines their life. If it is possible that people are born gay, (and can you prove that it isn't?) then we need to drastically re-evaluate our interactions with the gay community.

Or would you drag them kicking and screaming before Christ and ask him to execute them?

Because his answer would be the same as when the adulterous woman was bought before him - 'Whoever's done no wrong, be my guest and throw the first stone.'

The way the church talks about, (and to) gays would make you think that we have done no wrong.

Now I know that's not the case.