Does someone have to stop being a homosexual before they can be accepted by Christ?



If they have accepted Christ, they are expected to grow spiritually. In their growth the question will arise,is what I am doing right in my God's eyes. When the Holy Spirit makes them realise that this is not what God likes then they are expected over a time period of course to make every attempt to fight the sinful desires and they will succeed because being a man of faith I know God will give them strength to resist such desire. It is not easy, no anything sexual, masterbation;lust;sodomy;lechery are very difficult to give up. Ofcourse Christ accepts one as soon as one turns to Him, but he must likewise repent of his sins. I thing if you read 1st or 2nd Peter, he gived the prescription for spiritual growth and as can be seen it is a long diffcult road. Even Paul, late in his Chritianhood claimed he was failing (The thorn in his side) Apparently Venerable Bede was a terrible masterbater and tried for a long time to overcome this. But he was still called Venerable Bede, because at least he was trying to give it up. (But the devil kept making naked images of women appear before him to tempt him I presume.)