dvk your contact with reality is tenuous. Your delusions to the contrary notwithstanding.

But to answer your questions for those who are able to read and comprehend.

Q1. How can he explain his standard perfect behaviour when there is so much violence in this world?

A1. Violence has been a NORMAL human behaviour since the dawn of our existence. Violence or the lack thereof is irrelevant to issues of sanity.

Q2. Is your scientist more capable of explaining natural selection of the unnatural behavior?

A2. Yes!

Q3. Can your close friend provide answers for Manufactured Bird Flu?

A3. Yes! See the answer to Q3. It is just natural evolution at work. Or would you prefer to believe that Bird Flu is the creation of an evil entity that intentionally creates diseases to kill children?

Q4. What does he has to offer for the Mad Christ and Mad Buddha who chose to remain Silent.?

A4. Haloperidol and Thorazine. I'd suggest you reread this question in light of your denial that you need clinical intervention.

Q5. And finally what does he has to say about you who refuses to acknowledge the greatness of my work.

A5. He says I should continue to try to get you to seek clinical support from a psychiatrist as you are giving clear indications of needing it.

And you conclude by writing: "So far you have taken great pain to serve the people in need .. But Honestly will you not like to save another Kind Soul who is in your knowledge."

I would. Which is why I am urging you see a psychiatrist.
DA Morgan