Now would you call my behaviour demonically influenced as you would that of gays, (without Biblical basis)? I am weak enough in this instance to have no need to blame other external entities for my behaviour.

All bad behavior is demonically influenced. That is why most sin is commited under cover of darkness. It is just that we were discussing homosexuality that I only referred to it. Do you remember when Cain was contemplating killing Abel. God warned him that sin was crouching at his door. Jesus said that in the Last days, the devil would become 'as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.' Remember Judas when he left the room at the Last Supper, the scriptures state that satan entered into him. Satan took control of him and that's why Judas did what he did. He killed himself afterwards because he realised that he had done wrong.

I challenge you Blacknad, try very hard to follow God's Laws to the fullest and I guarantee you that Satan will raise his hand against you. Becuase like Jesus said satan would challenge even the very elect if it were possible. The you will realise that there is an influence. If satan is not bothering you, know verily that you are lukewarm. For my part I hear satan and his demons swearing and cursing when I pray. Daily they tempt me to do wrong. And even I am degenerating to lukewarm status.

still think it is wrong to elevate homosexual acts above other human failings.

At no point should we be standing on the sidelines hatefully judging people.

When did I state that I hate homosexuals and lesbians? I mentioned before that I have had homo friends. HoweverI do hate what they do, because it is highly offensive to God. Neither have I judged them. I instead felt pity because the legion of demons called 'Soddomy' have taken grip on them. So I feel compassion for them. By the way many 'pooftas' are very nice people and very talented and cover a broad range of personalities. I too have many failings which perhaps might de distastful to others. But it is my duty to try to stop such behavior in order to grow in Christ. Actually you are very judemental too. How dare you call me ignorant! Ignorant of dispising what my God despises. Shame on you!