Jjw: We have an important point of departure here. The God of the Bible to which I refer is the Hebrew God of the Old Testament. Jesus arrives with the New Testament and did not claim to be God. He implied that he was the son of God, only.

Did you read in the scriptures what Jesus said to Philip when Philip asked him to 'Show us the Father' and Jesus replied, "Philip have I not been with you all this time and you still do not know me why then do you ask me show us the Father." Also when the Jews disputed that Jesus could not have know Abraham, he said even before Abraham 'I Am' Now if you read in the old Testament when Moses asked God, "Who should I say to the people sent me" God replied "I Am that I Am." Do you get the connection? Other references in the scriptures tell us that Jesus had the 'Fullness of the Godhead' dwelling within Him. You also choose to interpret the scripture to further your arguments, that is the problem with the Bible, it can be twisted to suit twisted reasonings.