I thought Christians were supposed to love each other, and spread the good news of Christ and demonstrate forgiveness, mercy, kindness, etc.

I see alot of this with Blacknad's posts and the opposite in Philiege's posts.

I don't remember Christ telling his people to argue over biblical text. And I don't remember him saying to harrass people based on who they love. I once heard a minister say that Christ said absolutely nothing on the topic of homosexuality at all.

Philege do you follow the Bible over Christ?

And now do you suppose that minister was right? Did Jesus not say that His new commandments that we love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, body and soul and our neigbour as ourselves hangs on all the Law and the prophets.
Therefore He is confirming that all that was written by the prophets and the Law are valid. Therefore if the Law states that 'For a man to lie with another man is an ABOMINATION unto the Lord what do you suppose that means? It is not that I am angry with Blacknad or that I dispise him. No, I seek only to assist him in his failings as he has attempted to assist me in mine, also hopefully to give a point of view that maybe might make a few atheists reconsider the Bible.
What is there to forgive Blacknad, am I able to forgive his sins? I can only guide him as he guides me. I have learnt a lot from him, he knows that. How is this harrassment. Blacknad did not say he agrees with homosexuality, he feels that it is not an issue in ones relationship with Christ, and I do. I am not trying to force this down his throat, He asked for my opinion and I gave him my answer, Did you want me to lie to him to make him feel good. Or do I not have the right to express what I believe to be the truth. I have even admitted that I have failings that maybe someone who is homosexual might say, well you are just as bad as me. I agree I do fail, but I will never stop trying not to sin against my God. I have suceeded in some and failed in others. Also do not forget I mentioned that I have homosexual friends whom I have been friendly to for years. It is not for me to judge them, I am just a sinner like them. But I will not fool them into making them think that what they do is okay with God.

Your last comment on whether I follow the Bible over Christ, I do not understand what you mean, Jesus is described as the 'Word of God' in the scriptures. Now what do you suppose that means. The Bible is His word. I try to follw it as best as I can. Even after many many failings.