Hi Lenore:

You mention the Biblical God. That ?God? was not very benevolent.

The Biblical God did not know all things. Taking the wording of the Bible for its own truth, it is clear that in the Garden of Eden God was walking and did not know where Adam and Eve were. He called out to them to find them. He then did not know that they had eaten of the forbidden fruit- he did not know this of his own. Through out the Bible there are such references, which to me, demonstrate that the Biblical God was much less than all knowing. If you practice a belief system that requires an all knowing God then you must look elsewhere than in the Bible. I am not sure where the idea comes from that God is supposed to know all. The Catholic Catechism, as I recall, may argue for such so no sin will go un-noticed but the concept is inept in my opinion. You may find it entertaining to scan the Bible for instances where their ?God? did not know what was going on.