When I first found this Forum I was impressed with view points that had substance in them. Now I see one member constantly advising the moderator to delete the ideas of a few while the special member has a real fun time making fun of one and all. Some people here appear to be sincere. Some may not be to easily understand but that may be more a lacking of ours than of theirs. Some members are now more interested in taking pot shots at other members rather than engaging in intelligent discussion. I do wish to tell any moderator how to function, but from my viewpoint it would be most expedient and productive to delete ANY post or reply that was obviously nothing more than a coarse degrading viewpoint, an insulting vibe or an unresponsive and unrelated reference to politics, a particular politician or a particular political party.

What?s left after that may qualify as a Forum focused on scientific concepts and not left over childhood fixations? I have enjoyed this Forum to the extent it was possible to offer a viewpoint or discuss a topic with out personalities seeking confrontation. I will check in now and then to make as much trouble as my limited time permits. Keep the egotists coming? I may not know WHO owns this Site.