"Maut or Jindagi Ab tere Hathon mein de diya re"- A quote from Movie Roja

First I would like to say something on taking decisions which concern Humans.
Infact all actions towards any Human must be justified based upon the priority of our Goal.
here it is to know the Truth of my statement.
How do we go about?
Assume I propose a Truth X and you choose to diagree.
Then let us ask Why do you disagree.
You say you diagree becuase ......I know a Truth a which is a part of Validated Theroy Y and the Truth X violates
the Theory X.
OR You say I you propose a better theory for such and such reasons(these reasons stems out from another validated Theory ...
(both the cases are thus equvalent)
And then we discuss and resolve.
You can not disagree to me simply because you choose to disagree without giving reasons from a Theory Y.
In short if you disagree we discuss and try to prove each other wrong.

Take the second case, you Agree... So we are together.

Take the Third Case ,you choose to delete my information(or source of information) or your self without any reasons
(and hence without any conclusive discussion)...You established a Autocratic Rule(You become like Chinese in and thus end up
creating a BiPolar World of a Different Kind with some new Enemy..)...Therefore Suicide and Murder are equivalent in the eyes of
true justice.Now choose yourself whether what you said was right or wrong.

You gave me a deadline ... for no logical reason.
What if I die before this 24 gets over then you guys will delete my information without giving me a chance.
Not only that it would have brought me a Bad name of not knowing what he speaks.,

You decide what to do next.

Here is my proof (pls cheer up as it will be the most exciting journey you will ever undertake in the History of Science)
1.The Universe is composed of Groups of Information.(Single Valued , Multi Value.. etc)
2.All the Groups Exist on Space Time (which is a line between Maths and Physics).Therefore all Groups attract.
3.No Absolute measurement is ever made.(It predicts that Space Itself always Travles at speed of Light but not the Measured
Photon.. it is obvious when we see that Vaccum is not a Vaccum at all)or alternatively assume that a Mesurement is always
always made.
Also In other words it means that There is No Begining or End of an Experiment.. (punch line ...There is no Memory... or all memeory.)
4.Let us assume that MultiDimensional Unique Quantum Garvitational States can be constructed.
5.Let all events be equally likely.

Thats all we need to assume

Next we know that Total Quantum Gravitation States Can be found.Assume it can be of only N State Based ..
and also of possibly all N Dimesnioal Based.Rearrangement of Dimesnions is allowed to achieve an Event.

We also know that there is limit on the rate of Information Capture(Due to Space Speed)
Let us call an Event a Event if it results in m consecutive States in M dimensional Space.
(N= m * M)
Choose m consecutive States -
The probability of this Happening is w to power m.

The total event space N where m and w are very small as compared to N

(An Equally Likely Event)
1.There is no memory
2.We Know that we can find Treasures of Groups because Explanation lies on itself on Space Time and Space Time is known to be Grvaitational. As there is no memory the Past , Present or Future is Proabilistic.

Thus Probility of finding such a Group increase with time

For reasons known to all We know the Probability distruibution as
(I cant write it becuase HTML takes it as a TAG but it has an complex exponential fucntion)

Where c is small constant .. t is time and M is best suited Dimensional configuration to acheive the EVENT.


The Net Probability due to All Memory and No-Memory(With Forward Movement)

(I cant write it becuase HTML takes it as a TAG)

I have proved it ...
Next I have predicted Anti Gravity and Decay of Space Time thus
We also have a similar result for differing only in constant.. in one and only one Universe.
(With BackWard Movement in Sapce Time)
P = P(M) X (I cant write it becuase HTML takes it as a TAG but it has an complex exponential fucntion)

Thus P = P(M) X PF(NM) X PB(NM)

You may not like me for this but it is the TRUTH.
Be Objective.

c and c1 are very small as compared to M but M is not infinite.

This work can give you Nobel Prize ... can anyone be so Kind.
May God Bless You.

Now Life and Death is your hands.
Take your Lagaan.
It even solves your problem with my use of word Anomaly in the deleted topic. The crime was limited to the wrond use of Words and thats all.