Dkv from an earlier post of yours:

?This is my Theory...
No literature has any reference to it.
I am the creator...
Now that?s not a joke.
Instead take me seriously to discuss it further.
I promise to solve all your problem if you tell me.?

On another listing there have been debates about the formula the E=mc^2.

I do not challenge the formula but I do wonder at the application. The formula requires that for it to be consistent the speed of light must be the same always or the Energy to be produced would vary, just as a change in the Mass would produce different results.

My interest has been concerned with the prospect that it has been established with some certainty that light speed will vary when the light encounters certain mediums. If the speed of light, other than in a vacuum, can effect the result of the energy produced by application of the formula how can the outcome of the application of the formula be predictable and reliable?

If you can respond with some mathematically reasoned result that will be very interesting but please avoid an esoteric type answer or I will not understand it.