dkv:"However a good discussion is never bad especially when we know that we are discovering a new Theoretical Paradigm of Universe Description."
A good discussion yes, but this is not your case.
REP: Why ?
And for the time being you don't seem to have discovered anything, from what you write. You only say and think that you did. Biiiig difference!
REP: Its up to you to believe me or not.
dkv:"I notice here is something amazing .. inspite of saying something very obvious a majority of the section remains closed to a new progressive suggestion."
You simply don't want to understand. There is no progressive suggestion, a treatment of the universe based on information theory is already neeing investigated by others. You would know this if you read more...
REP: Show me the theory which describes the Universe as I have described(or with my assumptions) and trust me I will never post anything.
dkv:"I not only have a clue but the complete theory.Infact I call it the Character of Universe which contains multiple theories defined by M & m combination."
Boy, you are thick. Call it what you like, but unless you explain what you are talking about, and you subject it to public critique, it is not worth much.
REP: What do I need to explain. Multiple Theories means multiple configurations of Universe.Some Laws are embeded in the Universe depending upon the defintion of observer Space which I call I-Space.Observations take place in a Multi State and Multi Dimensional World(which I call c-Space).There is nothing special about Humans other than the kind of Information we are looking for.And not every human is capable of digesting every Info he or she comes across.The discrimination of Nature is not false and it is real and required.We have already discussed it in the defintion of Truth.And How we evolve is different question.
dkv:"It is a fundamental assumption based on common sense.The Coordinates in Time are the best example of it.Coordinates carry lots of Information.The structure of Information is of no consequence if it does not belong to a Group."
Once again, unless you explain this baloney, it isn't worth a dime.
REP: Ok.Everything which is worth a dime belongs to a Group.It has all the elements in it which allows it to co-exist with others.It contains all the Laws required to make it functional.Maths is an example of a Group.
No matter what you write Mathematically it must adhere to the defintion of itself.
Similarly Business House is a Group .... Family is a Group ... This forum belongs to a Group ... Binary Logic Belongs to a Group ...Fuzzy Logic also belongs to a Group.Quantum World belongs to a Group. Every Group has multiple Dimensions in it.In short it has all the orthogonal dimensions in it to make it explainable to all its constiuents.And then it has States which result in Manifestation of events within that Group.
An excercise on Group Intelligence was my choice to show it works.But we are not taking it seriously when actually it has wonderful ability to provide us a simple and running example of how things happen in a group.I have already used it to argue in favour of non-linearity evolution..we are talking about pure convergence here and if we disucss it positively then we will find the treasure much before the world finds it..
dkv:"I thought it was very simple.Please note that I had said that Universe is composed of Information Groups but didnt say what it is .This was intentional because what is Universe depends on your configuration of M and m.It is as simple as that."
I am glad the universe depends on M&M, but you have a talent of talking a lot and saying less than nothing.
REP: Thats not true. I say everything and to put it poetically Universe came out of Nothing.
Read a paper from to see what means to explain something.
REP:I am giving radically different prespective which is mid way between Einstein and Feynman, Religion and Science , Maths and Arts.
dkv:" Thats why I avoided the question of What it is? ......
Good one!
dkv:"It is an interesting observation but you should also notice that we do not use all the Information available to Describe Universe as given in the classical Physics."
Duh! That is why it is called classical physics.
REP: I guess you agree sincerely.
Here I say that all the information is used to create the Universe as it is.It is a simple idea but leads to some mind blowing debates.
This might make sense, but you have to show how this happens. At the very least for a simple example, say a black-hole, or a particle, or something similar. Otherwise, once again, it' just empty talk...
REP: How this happens is the stuff which you will see in Future.Take a Hologram ...
It projects Absolute Information with a Relative view.The information remains same but it changes based upon the location of the viewer.The changes are Real as it leads to real events..
dkv:"...because the Laws are still there and it takes lot of effort to make something wierd happen."
REP: yes it takes a lot.But the lot is always finite if effort is implemented with proper strategy.
dkv:"Space time is available independent of radiation speed.Whats the big deal about it."
Welcome to Einstein's GR. But that is not waht you were saying before. As I said, don't change the context and claim innocence and righteousness.
REP: :-)) I never said I am innocent infact I am the most clever person on this earth .. little bit of boasting there but you know the fact.
What I say is something little more mysterious.
No Memory and All Memory aspect of Universe.
Come on .. dont tell me that you didnt realize the consequence of it.
Due to no-memory component it is possible for the Universe to break that speed barrier randomly without violating Mr. Einstein.
dkv:"The more important fact here is that the Universe in Time has a dual reality has all Memory and it has No-Memory at the same time.Lets leave the the velocity part for a more advanced stage discussion."
No dkv, the Universe contains time.
REP: Universe contains time ? ok then lets say that Universe contains it.But how does it matter if what I describe here is a Universe with no begining and No end.This is the fundamental assumption.What gets manifested as Origin of Universe is actually the Transformation of Universe from M1,m1 to M2,m2
What you are talking about is a constant time foliation. And if you do so, you need to specify the time evolution....
REP: Time doesnt evolve it remains same.Constant.It is a Universal Constant.In other words there is always a possibility of defining time at any and every level.
What evolves is Dimensions other than Time.
As for your duality, you must be infinitely more specific.
REP: I personally do not believe in infinite as an explanation.:-)) There are times when things
based on neatly seperated cause and effect.There are times when things happen spontaneously.
Otherwise, again they are just empty words. Memory, shmemory, doesn't matter as you say it. Be more exact, more focused on what is the ideea that you want to illustrate.
dkv:"It is very much working sir."
Go for a second oppinion...
REP: Now what do you say?
dkv:"Mutidimesional Reconfiguration is required to provide Evolutionary solutions."
More crapoly. And I just had a subspace conversation with Picard, who told me that the Borg have just published an article where they prove that in order to have evolutionary solutions you need in fact to compactify the subspace dimensions to crapon sizes.
REP: As we look from here .. indeed the dimensions are very small ...
dkv:"Boss I am talking about events in Multi Dimensional World and by the defintion of Event it is made up of m consecutive occurence of Qunatum Gravitational States.Thus to make an event happen there are certain preferred dimensions."
You surely must have an example illustrating what you say. As I said, I am all years.
REP: Ok assume that we know all the laws for the Space-Time.Next we know that the Universe can not remain the same if the number of dicreet Spacetime increases or decrease.If gets subjected to Binomial Distribution .. the Probability takes the Quantum Shape.It is never zero.
dkv:"If you can restate your event in terms of Quantum Gravitational States then at worst you will find that any event is in indeterminate State of limited by an incomplete theory.It is a Mathematical Statement."
So you don't know what mathematics is. What's new with that?
REP: I know more than Mathematics. And Life has taught me that.Btw I am not that bad either.
dkv:"The more likly and less likely events are again not Qunatum Gravitational ... Two identical events in Time may not be the same in Quantum Gravitational Field as there is a good possibility of us living in a very elite world of Magic."
You do live there for certain. I can only hope it has a reinforced boundary...
REP: Lets see.
dkv:"Magic which created us."
Oh boy!Then what is the magic trick to make you think?
REP:Magic is the word which people look forward to.. and someone once had asked for it in this forum.
dkv:"All the observations and laws are thus the result of our stable dimensional configuration.Thats important to understand as there is a long long way to go before we can call it the end of Physics.Are there any other stable configurations and what actually is meant by a stable explanation?It is question which every one should try to answer."
In you magic world, you are probably right. And the only one.
REP: No .. there are billions who follow this unknowingly.Yes I am the first person to discuss it in a logical framework.
dkv:"Thats not fair. If I say something it means a lot."
If you say so...But you are the only one believing it. This should give you a clue...
REP: Those who do not believe in it should discuss with me.