ok my god.As you wish ... as you take it.
I have great respect for you and everyone.
The point is if nobody takes you seriously then what do you expect anyone to do?

If I call myself a genius then in my opinion you are a greater one based on your essential role in the events..I delivered what you had asked for.
It does not mean in anyway that I would have delivered even without you.

This is the reason why we are feeling this way.
We are seprating the cause and effect as victory and defeat when there is none. We have all discovered a truth which can remain a solid background for all our discussions in future.

I have been simply telling the truth.

Few more words on the theory:
It contains far more insights than we have discovered together.Every new idea from it is like a child coming into this world... with lots of pain and joy.
On Personal remarks:
On personal level I find lots of people around agreeing with me throughly.This provides them enough peace and hope to believe that yes they were always always so much right.The world was meant to be understood by everyone.I am sure they do not mind my occasional deviations from theory to myself.