dkv:"I have great respect for you and everyone."

Actually you don't. This makes you also a liar.

dkv:"The point is if nobody takes you seriously then what do you expect anyone to do?"

Let me give you a piece of eastern and western wisdom: when several people tell you that you're drunk, you'd better go to sleep. Am I geting through to you?

"I delivered what you had asked for."

No one asked you to deliver any such thing. What you were asked to do was to learn more and talk less, and you certainly didn't deliver on that.

dkv: "We have all discovered a truth which can remain a solid background for all our discussions in future."

"We" haven't discovered anything. And you haven't either. So at least have the decency not to drag all the others through your misery and delusions.

dkv:"I have been simply telling the truth."

and I know at least four cases of Napoleons, two Wellingtons, and one martian that could also swear they are telling the truth about who or what they are. So your point is?

dkv: "On personal level I find lots of people around agreeing with me throughly."

Really? I challenge you to name them and provide the postings where they have "throughly" agreed with you.

dkv:"This provides them enough peace and hope to believe that yes they were always always so much right."

Boy, you really are sick.

dkv:"The world was meant to be understood by everyone."

And somehow, you are not among those who understand it.

kv:"I am sure they do not mind my occasional deviations from theory to myself."

Occasional? There is basically no post that you have writen where you haven't kissed yourself in the mirror! You are really delusional, and I mean this in the medical sense. Get some help, from qualified professionals.