We are a part of a Group nad we should not hesitate in asking Questions.
I will be wrong in some cases and you will in some.
But by doing this excersice we both learn.
And yes before we learn to should free our ego from any kind of Quasi-Intellectual State where some thinks he is better because he is older or better educated or looks more beautiful..
That we will hurt our objective to be the first on this planet to know the Truth.

Some have asked what is 0 and infinitiy.
Let us study the properties of Space Time Itself.
It is composed of Groups. And as there is not Absolute Measurement(Measurement without any error in principle) .We conlcude that :
There is no measured Final No-Group State.If a Measurement is Made It belongs a Group(composed of further Quantum Properties and/or Dimensions).

Next we take up the Numbers if you guys agree with me on this.