I think that's really great of you to donate to mental asylums, dkv.
There are fresh approaches out there. Really, just respect for human dignity is what mentally ill people need most. That and someone who can just repeatedly remind them of appropriate boundaries. And medication is a great tool, of course.
It's a difficult cross to bear having a serious mental illness. I've got one so I know.
I've experienced 5 psychotic episodes so far in my lifetime and they are real adventures.
I hope I don't have another one...I just keep taking my meds every day and thank Grace for them (and science, too)
People in the past who had manic episodes that lead to psychosis could stay in that state for six months and eventually die of exhaustion....and I know that's exactly what would happen to me. I can't come down or out of it on my own.
You're not psychotic DKV...I would recognize one of my own smile