Hm, you wonder whay you could be considered an idiot? Although I did not make such a statement, I will provide you with arguments in support of it.
REP:As I have accepted that you really understand my theory and I do not intend to make any comment on my idiocity.However a
a good discussion is never bad especially when we know that we are discovering a new Theoretical Paradigm of Universe Description.What I notice here is something amazing .. inspite of saying something very obvious a majority of the section remains closed to a new progressive suggestion.It is a same case in Business as well where an obvious fact goes unnoticed by the large section of employees and only few manage to make use of it.The growth of the company depends on such uncommon people ...
Take the hypotheses of your theory. BTW,according to your statemets in that post, they are equally the proof and the fundamental assumptions of your theory! From the start this is a strong indication about the fact that you have no clue of what you are talking about.
REP: I not only have a clue but the complete theory.Infact I call it the Character of Universe which contains multiple theories defined by M & m combination.
dkv:"1.The Universe is composed of Groups of Information.(Single Valued , Multi Value.. etc)"
While it sounds pompous, it doesn't say much. You offer no proof or at least example on which your assumption is based.
REP: It is a fundamental assumption based on common sense.The Coordinates in Time are the best example of it.Coordinates carry lots of Information.The structure of Information is of no consequence if it does not belong to a Group.
You also offer no definition of what your elucubration means, what it does, etc. You are just stringing words regardless of their meaning.
REP: I thought it was very simple.Please note that I had said that Universe is composed of Information Groups but didnt say what it is .This was intentional because what is Universe depends on your configuration of M and m.It is as simple as that.
=================================================As the poet says: "It is easy to write verses/When you have nothing to say/Stringing empty words together/Riming only in the tail/"
dkv:"2.All the Groups Exist on Space Time (which is a line between Maths and Physics).Therefore all Groups attract."
This simply makes no sense.The Universe IS the the spacetime.
REP: Thats why I avoided the question of What it is? The most interesting aspect of the Space Time based understanding is that Forces come as an "Attractive" package as a consequence of Dimensional Configuration without any assumed Background..Charges cancel out.Singularity is still there.This is called Attractive explanation of Universe(to avoid the tabooed word of Gravity).With the new found Background the existing formation moves away.It is unlearned(so called Anti-Gravity I think it will be better to replace it wiht some other word). This is the nature of Universe.
================================================= This means,according to your above definition that spacetime is made of groups which are defined on spacetime, which is made of groups whih are defined defined on spacetime which is made of...etc. The conclusion would be that groups are defined on themselves, and what is more interesting, they also attract, whatever that means. Would you care to elucubrate, pardon me,elaborate on the details of your definition?
REP: It is an interesting observation but you should also notice that we do not use all the Information available to Describe Universe as given in the classical Physics.Here I say that all the information is used to create the Universe as it is.It is a simple idea but leads to some mind blowing debates.
=================================================As I said, the Easter Bunny in "Alice in Wonderland" makes more sense than you do.
REP: All I wish to say here is that I am not the Bunny nor we are in the Wonderland because the Laws are still there and it takes lot of effort to make something wierd happen.
dkv:"3.No Absolute measurement is ever made.(It predicts that Space Itself always Travles at speed of Light but not the Measured Photon.. it is obvious when we see that Vaccum is not a Vaccum at all)or alternatively assume that a Mesurement is always always made.Also In other words it means that There is No Begining or End of an Experiment.. (punch line ...There is no Memory... or all memeory.)"
This does not make sense, once again.Space itself travels at the speed of light but not the photon?
Space itself travels in wha' at the speed of light? And the photon's speed is,in your acception, what?
REP: Space time is available independent of radiation speed.Whats the big deal about it.The more important fact here is that the Universe in Time has a dual reality has all Memory and it has No-Memory at the same time.Lets leave the the velocity part for a more advanced stage discussion.
As I said before, are you on any medication? 'cause it aint working!
REP: It is very much working sir.
dkv:"4.Let us assume that MultiDimensional Unique Quantum Garvitational States can be constructed."
Well,then construct one!This I would like to see, really. I am all ears.
REP: Mutidimesional Reconfiguration is required to provide Evolutionary solutions.
dkv:"5.Let all events be equally likely."
This is patently untrue. In atomic physics,for example,you have forbidden events(transitions) and allowed transitions. So of all the possibilities/possible events, some are more likely and some are not likely at all.
REP: Boss I am talking about events in Multi Dimensional World and by the defintion of Event it is made up of m consecutive occurence of Qunatum Gravitational States.Thus to make an event happen there are certain preferred dimensions.
If you can restate your event in terms of Quantum Gravitational States then at worst you will find that any event is in indeterminate State of limited by an incomplete theory.It is a Mathematical Statement.The more likly and less likely events are again not Qunatum Gravitational ... Two identical events in Time may not be the same in Quantum Gravitational Field as there is a good possibility of us living in a very elite world of Magic.Magic which created us.All the observations and laws are thus the result of our stable dimensional configuration.Thats important to understand as there is a long long way to go before we can call it the end of Physics.Are there any other stable configurations and what actually is meant by a stable explanation?It is question which every one should try to answer.
And of those that are likely to happen, some are more likely than the others (in spectroscopy, this is a known and proven experimental fact).
So exactly how would you characterize someone who talks non-sense, believes he is a genius,tries to convince the others that he is a genius by talking even more nonsense, and does not even want to perceive how ridiculous he is?
REP: Thats not fair. If I say something it means a lot.