I am sorry ...i didnt hear your argument against the theory.
Things dont happen this way Morgan...
You need come with a solid reasoning to refute the theory.
Any other comment is not needed.
To put it again "The theory explains everthing"
"It gives the absolute picture." and "has the full ability to explain the Universe."
It gives an all exclusive reality and all inclusive reality a mathematical meaning.
~~For those who had problem : All Exclusive - No Memory . All Inclusive - Complete memory~~
The beauty and power of the theroy is such that it gives everything a Hope.
However it still doesnt say how? That discussion will involve higher level of understanding between us.. and that begins with your acknowledgement of basic assumptions as true.
I hope you understand he meaning of Dimension and States.
Dimensions are the Saptially spread orgothogonal Unit Information... Infact any time spread of information is esspetially a Spatial Representation.Thus again and again we end with a Spatial View if we try to View Time as Dimension.This happens because of the finite speed of light and the essential contiuous movement of time as a collection of events(resulting in decay or growth). I throw bricks at me for making such a statement but think about it deeply.
Next the States.
State is the Net Qunatum Presentation of some aspect of the Object as a Whole.It is the place where further measureable divisions stop..The interaction between the two worlds no yield further Division.Anything less and it just doesnt exist ..However just as fractional Charges are present collectivly inside Protons and Neutrons ... other aspects of Truths lay buried in other dimensions.
Hope this clears some of your cloud.