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I was struck by Mike's comment (I hope that's right), "But there is only one way which is the best way, in terms of efficaciousness towards the human being and our future."
Should we manage humanity to ameliorate problems, or should we celebrate the diversity/robustness that hardship engenders?


I might qualify some of the above by saying that most average individuals plot a random course thru life.
But that 'humans-beings', collectively, are on a course to the future, that is anything but random.

I believe this because the individual is expendable in the scheme of thing. I am sure that thousands of years of Evolution
has instilled within the individual an amazing will to live, and expand. However the odds are stacked.

Humans when threatened with torture, death or worse, will recant and change their outlook to agree with their tyrants views, as a last resort.
I dont think this is a sign of weakness. Since all logical thinking shuts down, becomes obsolete, its an evolutionary protective mechanism,
beyond our control.

Look at the poor wretches in the Middle Ages, who had absolutely nothing but religion for solace.
Their mind knew even while being tortured, that changing their religious beliefs would not save them, they would still be burnt at the stake. Which is why so many continued to mumble their prayers, gladly suffering the most appalling pain, until their death, in the hope that a miracle might save them.

Again I belive that was a result of the human minds protectioning mechanism, coming into play.

What I am trying to say is that, some of us collectively are going to be in the right place at the right time, and move ahead
While others, who are collectively in the wrong place at the wrong time will band together in an effort to overthrow those they consider a threat. All groupings, that might be best called the 'randomising of human movements'. Life death, wars and peace,and suffering, all come into playing out of life, probably always will.

Yet collectively the world of Human Beings is secure and mapped out for the forseable future, Our genes plus evolution will see to that.
Even tho' we cannot see the future.
Of course science will be used to help some groups along the way. But science cannot help every one, in the same way that untold wealth divided equally to all, can never help the human world.
The World needs problems, to ensure our future. Not all of our human family will ever be part of this future


"You will never find a real Human being - Even in a mirror." ....Mike Kremer.