OS1-15 NDC - 1988 tOPPS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS - OS1 Series 15 - GPK - YOu PiCk LiSt For Sale

OS1-15 NDC - 1988 tOPPS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS - OS1 Series 15 - GPK - YOu PiCk LiSt
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OS1-15 NDC - 1988 tOPPS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS - OS1 Series 15 - GPK - YOu PiCk LiSt:

* * * * * OS1 GPk LASt & FINAL YEAR1988 Series 15GARBAGE PAIL KIDS * * * * *
... EXACT items are photographed and shown, organized by numeric designation and order for safe storage and speedy delivery... Some are in better shape than others, and with various centering too... All we have available have accurate images here for you to see...- NDC designation stands for NON DIE CUT, that unique curvy sticker quality all previous series releases had featured... Th' NDC Variation occured due to faulty equipment & unrepaired materials used to create th' fine tuning finish as production closed down...- DC designation stands for DIE CUT, and do feature that appealing feature...- (GG) designation stands for GARBAGE GANG (Variation Specific Featured On Backs of Stickers)- (CHK) (or CHKLSt.) designation stands for CHECKLIST (Variation Specific Featured On Backs of Stickers)- (o/c) designation stands for OFF CENTER, noting design flaw of Original Factory Cutting Error...- ANS1 designation stands for ALL NEW SERIES 1, released 2oo4...- ANS5 designation stands for ALL NEW SERIES 5, released 2oo6...... SOMe iNCRedibL NiCe CONditiON NDC SeLeCtS fROM tOuGh 1988 15th SeRieS OS1, iNCLudiNG MANY uh th' iMPOSsibL ChARACteRS! !! ... deSCRiPtiONS & PhOtOS uh eaCh & EVERY! !! ... Get'M b4 they VANiSh, MOSt i CANNOt fiNd ANYWheRE! !! ... MisSiNG LeSs thaN 2o fROM fULL Set! !! * * * * * OVER 15 YEARS LATER 2004 ANS1 GPK RETURN * * * * *- Many uh th' designs in this set had been a collector's dream & HEARTACHE for over a decade, unavailabL since their discovery in a dumpster out back uh tOPPS headquarters in 1989, featuring duhzens uh MAGNIFICENT CHARACTER dESIGNS from th' NEVER RELEASED OS1 SERIES 16! !!
* * * * * THEN THEN?!! - ANS5 - WHEN WHEN?!! 2oo6 * * * * *... fuLLY bACk iN ACtiON, th' hitS KePt COMiNG, featuRiNG SEVERAL COLLeCtR/iNVe$tR tARGet CARds... Th' Set doeSNt feature MANy if ANy VARiAtiONS, LikeLY due 2 WORkfORCe PeRfeCtiON oR PLANNd iNteNtiONS oN futuRe WORk, PROViNG a PRe-CONCeived NOtiON th' ChARACtR deSiGNS WeRe of GReat SuCCeSs fROM th' StARtiNG GAte... uLtRA MONStRMiGhtYMeGA biGtiMe...
* * * * *
... We Appreciate your business & invite you to shop with us for good reason... it is our biggest intention to bring joy & excitement t'th' Sport & Protectively store and package our items accordingly...
... ObSeSsd Like ANY GaRbaGe PaiL Kid COLLeCtR/iNVe$tR, i WaS deteRMiNd 2 fiNiSh th' 1St SeRieS ItaLiaN VeRSiON SGORbiONS! ... featuRiNG huNdRedS uh CaRdS iN itS 1St SeRieS, uhLONG th' WaY,i diSCOVeRd that eaCh AMeRiCaN 1St SeRieS ChaRaCteR haS aN AVeRaGe uh 4 diffeReNt ReVeRSe iMaGeS! ... th' 4 CaRd 'PuZZLe' doeSNt Quite fit, but waS deSiGNed 2 dO sO iN th' COLLeCtR aLbuM... EaCh PaCkaGe i OPeNed had 5 CaRdS iNSide & WeRe iN AMaZiNG CONditiON, NOW faR beYONd 3o YRs OLd! ... See PhOtOS! ... theY R aLL PhOtOs uh th' EXaCt CaRd YOu wiLL ReCeiVe! if there are more than one exact design availabL, it will be indicated, choose which card of th' multiples availabL & message us or we will just ship one at random! They are aLL sooO beautifuL, GREAT COLOR! !!
ALSO, CheCk Out R OtheR sales! ... bLaStR bOXiNG thRu th' YRs uh R baSebaLL faN SeaSONs uh Life, tOPPS hERITAGE haS RetuRNd fROM th' ShadOWs uh GROuNdhOG daY w/uh fANTASTiC & EXCitiNG New GROuP uh heROeS & themeS bLaNketed iN theiR EVRtRuStY RetuRN t'th' deSiGN ONCe aGaiN fiftY yeaRS aGO... We R biG faNS...
RiCh w/StaRS, StORies & that MaGiCaL CONNeCtiON uh 2MORROWs futuRe, We CaN aLL fit 2 buRROW R iMaGiNatiONS 2GethR N hObbY uh WONdeRfuL SeaSON thROuGh th' LaZY SuMMR daZe uh sooO MaNY GaMeS 2 COMe! !!
AGaiN, We WiLL tRY 2 GROuP thiNGS 2GethR LOoseLY thRu MuLtiPLe sales & heLP iNfLueNCe uh CLeaR & COMfORtabL Path YOu caN RetuRN 2 shOP w/uS tiMe & tiMe uhGaiN uNtiL We fiNd OuRSeLves baCk heRe AGaiN 4 uhNOthR adVeNtuRe 2 hObbY OuR MeMORieS w/GLee...
ThaNkS4ViSitiNG R sales! !!

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OS1-15 NDC - 1988 tOPPS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS - OS1 Series 15 - GPK - YOu PiCk LiSt


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