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Wine drinkers clueless about alcohol servings

Scientists know that environmental cues like plate size can impact eating behaviors, but the effect of environmental factors on wine consumption has, until now, not been studied in detail. In a new study, published in Substance Use and Misuse, researchers tested what effect six environmental cues would have on participants who were asked to pour […]

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Stabbed or shot? Drink up

Hospital patients with traumatic injuries such as fractures, internal injuries and open wounds were far more likely to survive if they had consumed alcohol, and the protective effect increased in proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed. That’s according to a new study from the University of Illinois, which supports past research that also showed […]

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Alcohol rewires brain for PTSD

Heavy drinking appears to impair the brain’s ability to recover from trauma and may put people at greater risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), say scientists from the University of North Carolina and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Medicos have long recognized a link between alcoholism and anxiety disorders – simply, those […]

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Gettin’ drunk and fallin’ down; who cares?

In a fascinating new study, University of Missouri researchers have shown that contrary to previous research, alcohol doesn’t reduce your awareness of mistakes – it reduces how much you care about making those mistakes. For the study, researcher Bruce Bartholow and his team measured the brain activity of participants aged 21 to 35 as they […]

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Space travel safer with shiraz

Intriguing new research in the FASEB Journalsuggests that the “healthy” ingredient in red wine, resveratrol, may prevent the negative effects of weightlessness that astronauts suffer. The report describes weightlessness simulations with rats in which the resveratrol-fed rodents failed to develop insulin resistance or a loss of bone mineral density, typical health problems encountered by astronauts […]

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“Hazardous” drinking levels good for the heart

A controversial new study from Boston University shows that alcohol appears to have cardio-protective effects not only in moderate drinkers, but also in those individuals with patterns of alcohol use traditionally considered as hazardous. The study appears in The American Journal on Addictions. The study assessed the prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD) in 43,093 […]

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Drink to remember (subconsciously, at least)

According to researcher Hitoshi Morikawa, repeated ethanol exposure enhances synaptic plasticity in the brain, providing further evidence toward an emerging scientific consensus that drug and alcohol addiction is fundamentally a learning and memory disorder. “Drinking alcohol primes certain areas of our brain to learn and remember better,” contends Morikawa, from The University of Texas at […]

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Booze a lifesaver

Research at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA suggests that trauma patients who were intoxicated before their injuries were more likely to survive than trauma patients who suffered similar injuries but were sober at the time The study, published in American Surgeon, involved surveying nearly 8,000 trauma patients of similar age and with […]

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Beer-goggles put to the test

A fascinating new study has demonstrated that consuming alcohol does not affect how men judge the age of women. The researchers say that this finding has important legal implications if alcohol is cited as a cause of impairing judgment in cases of unlawful sex with a minor. University of Leicester psychologist Vince Egan and Giray […]

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