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Vitamin E in canola linked to asthma, lung inflammation

A new study from Northwestern University shows the drastically different health effects of vitamin E depending on its form. The study authors say a vitamin E variant known as gamma-tocopherol – found in soybean, corn, and canola oils – was found to be associated with decreased lung function in humans. The researchers speculate that the […]

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New evidence for link between alcohol consumption and cancer metastasis

New research looking at the biological processes involved in breast cancer development has strengthened the argument for a potential link between alcohol consumption and progression of the disease. The findings, published in Breast Cancer Research, offer a possible way to improve outcomes for patients in the later stages of the disease. Conducted by scientists from […]

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Obesity can change our sense of taste

Previous studies have shown that obesity can lead to alterations in the brain, but in new research, scientists have found that being severely overweight alters our sense of taste at the most fundamental level: by changing how our tongues react to different flavors. The intriguing new findings, based on experiments with mice, appear in the […]

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Mercury levels in herbal teas surprise scientists

A new study from the University of Bristol (UK) suggests that fish accounts for only seven percent of mercury levels in the human body, while herbal teas appear to be a significant, previously unrecognized, contributor. The negative effects of mercury on fetal development have been well documented and led to official warnings against eating too […]

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Cholesterol metabolism implicated in anorexia

A DNA-sequencing study of anorexia nervosa sufferers has linked the eating disorder to variants in a gene that regulates cholesterol metabolism, suggesting that anorexia could be caused in part by a disruption in the normal processing of cholesterol. “These findings point in a direction that probably no one would have considered taking before,” said lead […]

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Car designs may change to protect obese

An analysis of traffic collision fatalities showing that obese drivers are far more likely to die than drivers of normal weight has prompted researchers to suggest that car designs might need to change to better protect obese drivers. The researchers, from the University of California and University of West Virginia used data from the US […]

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Viagra’s surprising weight-loss properties

German scientists investigating why mice given Viagra were resistant to obesity say they have discovered a “quite amazing” anti-obesity effect related to a cell signaling pathway that tells the body how to store fat. The researchers say that sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) converts white fat cells intobrown fat, which burns caloric energy much […]

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