"Fashion Designer Oleg Cassini Hand Signed TLS Dated 1984 COA For Sale

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"Fashion Designer Oleg Cassini Hand Signed TLS Dated 1984 COA:

Up for sale "Fashion Designer Oleg Cassini Hand Signed TLS Dated 1984. This item is authenticated By Todd

Mueller Autographs and comes with their certificate of authenticity.



Cassini (11 April 1913 –

17 March 2006) was a fashion designer born to an aristocratic Russian family

with maternal Italian ancestry. He came to the United States as a young man

after starting as a designer in Rome, and quickly got work with Paramount

Pictures. Cassini established his reputation by designing for films. He became

particularly well known as a designer for Jacqueline Kennedy while

she was First Lady of the United

States. The "Jackie Look" was

to become highly influential an He was born in Paris as Oleg

Aleksandrovich Loiewski, the elder son of Countess Marguerite Cassini and

her husband Count Alexander Loiewski, a Russian diplomat, thereby obtaining the

title of Count. His maternal grandfather Arthur Paul Nicholas Cassini, Marquis de Capuzzuchi di

Bologna, Count Cassini, had been the Russian ambassador to the United States

during the administrations of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Count

Arthur Cassini signed the Treaty ending the war between Japan and China. His

mother's family claimed Italian astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini as

an ancestor. In 1918, the Russian Revolution caused

the Loiewski family to flee for their lives, leaving behind their wealth,

lands, and homes. As a young child, Oleg saw his cousin shot to death. The

family reached Denmark and next moved to Switzerland. The Greek Royal family

invited them to Greece, but, while traveling through Italy, revolution began in

Greece as well. They got off the train in Florence, eventually settling there. In Italy the children

started using the surname of Cassini. In his early youth, Cassini

suffered a major accident, almost losing his leg. He spent much of a year in

bed in recovery, during which time he studied history and read extensively,

including authors such as American James Fenimore Cooper. He

developed a love of history and the mysticism of Native American tribes. He also discovered American culture through the

movies from the United States that were shown in Italy. When he

started school, Oleg had to learn Italian, but he already knew Russian, French

and Danish. His mother, Marguerite Cassini, founded her fashion house in

Florence, gaining American clients from people she knew in Washington, D.C., as

the daughter of the Count Arthur Cassini. Cassini played soccer with the

teenage team, the "Boys" of Fiorentina, and was on the university

track and ski teams. He also played tennis for the Italian Jr. Davis Cup team,

becoming Italian Jr. Champion.  d much

admired. Among Cassini's inspirations were sports and Native American culture. Cassini

studied Political Science at the University of Florence and

became an accomplished equestrian. He studied fine art under painter Giorgio de Chirico at

the Accademia di Belle Arti

Firenze. Eventually he started in fashion, studying under the French

couturier, Jean Patou. Cassini won a

number of international fashion competitions in Turin,

including five first prizes in Mostra Della Moda for sketches and Most Creative

Presentation for an evening dress painted in dramatic colors on silver foil,

garnering a prize of 5,000 lire. Cassini opened his own boutique in Rome and

designed for the local film industry as well as Roman society. Oleg became

engaged to a debutante in Rome, Anna Donnina Toeplitz, and subsequently left

for America after winning a duel. He sailed to America on the Saturnia and

arrived in New York on Christmas Day 1936. His autobiography describes his

possessions upon arrival in America as being limited to a tuxedo, two tennis

rackets, a title, and talent. He briefly worked as a political cartoonist

in Washington, D.C., upon his

arrival prior to traveling to Hollywood. 

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