1911 Dr. John King’s Treatment Of Gonorrhea 8 Page Pamphlet For Sale

1911 Dr. John King’s Treatment Of Gonorrhea 8 Page Pamphlet
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1911 Dr. John King’s Treatment Of Gonorrhea 8 Page Pamphlet:

Like new condition.

It says:

Dr. John King's Treat-

ment of Gonorrhea.

[Keep the hands and person clean.]

This booklet, written over twenty

years ago by Dr. John King, is yet in

Physicians find in it a

great demand.

terse, effective, and simple method of

treating the diseases named, which might

be expected because of Dr. King's large

experience in a city practice for many


The revision involves a condensation

of the text only, the original being im-

plicitly followed as far as the treatment

and prescriptions, which have not been

altered, are concerned. Twenty years'

experience of physicians, the country

over, have demonstrated that these pre-

scriptions, with the accompanying treat-

ment, are exceptionally effective, and

give perfect satisfaction.



----------- 3 -----------


The affected parts should be bathed.

with tepid water three times a day; as

the patient is often impatient, and also

needs something in the way of practical

medication, the following should be pre-


No. 1. R. Aqua Dest

Bismuth Subnitrate...............half drachm.

Morph. Sulph.......

.8 ounces.

..........4 grains.

Shake well be-

Misce, Sig.-Warm to tepid heat and use as

an injection.

fore each injection.

The patient is to be told that this pre-

scription will soothe the parts, but is not


intended to stop the discharge.

bowels are frequently constipated and

demand the use of a mild cathartic to

restore their normal action. Any good.

cathartic will answer.

Wash the hands clean with an antiseptic soap.


In ten to fourteen days, after the first

appearance of the flow, the acute stage

will have passed. Now prescribe 3 -----------

Dr. John King's Suggestions

Regarding the Treatment

and Cure of Gonorrhea.

Revised by

PITTS EDWIN HOWES, M. D., Boston, Mass.

Editor Journal of Therapeutics and a case of acute Gonorrhea pre-

sents itself for treatment it is useless

and even dangerous to check the dis-

charge until the inflammatory stage has

passed. Ten to fourteen days from the

first appearance of the discharge should

elapse, before the physician should at-

tempt to stop the flow.

The patient

should be impressed with the fact that

Gonorrhea must take its course, and can,

by correct treatment, be usually perma-

nently cured, with little risk of

any bad

results and without the internal admin-

istration of nasty medicines.

The hands and berson must be kabt clean.

----------- 5 -----------


been removed, the next prescription

should be stronger.

No. 3.

For instance, this:

R. Lloyd's Hydrastis.........................4 ounces.

Aqua Dest.........

.....4 ounces.

Misce. Sig.-Use as an injection three times a


Some cases of Gonorrhea are exceed-

ingly tenacious. A physician, well skilled

in the treatment of this class of cases,

made the statement "that he would

rather treat syphilis than Gonorrhea."

The foregoing treatment, however,

alone, usually completes the cure. If not,

it benefits the case so much that astrin-

gents can now be used with little risk

of producing stricture.

Remember, infected fingers are dangerous,

especially to the eyes. Keep the hands clean.


Sometimes the patient will stop medi-

cation too soon, thinking that he is cured,

the discharge having ceased. Violent

exercise, or other indiscretion may, how-

ever, cause the flow to return. Such

conditions existing, the facts are that,


----------- 5 -----------

No. 2.


R. Lloyd's Hydrastis..

Aqua Dest..

..4 ounces.

6 ounces.

Misce. Sig.-Use as an injection three times a


This prescription will quickly show

its good results; the discharge becomes

very much less, and in a week has usually

The remedy is non-irritating,

and being colorless, will not stain. Even

when the injection is first used and the

parts are tender and inflamed there will

be no discomfort. The patient should

be directed to warm this prescription at

first to about blood heat before injecting,

but after a few days the parts will be so

much improved that, unless it is very

cold, it can be used without this precau-

tion and will produce no unpleasant feel-

ing. There is no danger of stricture.

This simple prescription usually pro-

duces a complete cure, or at least benefits

the case so much that the discharge

almost ceases, only a few drops of secre-

tion escaping during the entire day.

If every vestige of the trouble has not

----------- 6 -----------

while most of the infected part of the

urethral tract has been restored to a nor-

mal condition, a local spot remains in-

fected by the disease-the small amount

of mucus formed being, unknown to the

patient, washed away during the day by

the urine.

On arising in the morning the penis

should be gently squeezed, and if the

cure is not complete, a small drop can

be usually expelled. To cure these

tenacious cases, where the previous pre-

scriptions have not produced a complete

recovery, substitute any of the following:

No. 4. . Acid Tannic....

Lloyd's Hydrastis..

Aqua Dest....

Misce. Sig.-Use as an injection.

before injecting.)

No. 5. R. Zinc Sulphas.

Lloyd's Hydrastis...

Aqua Dest....

Misce. Sig.-Use as an injection.

before injecting.)

No. 6. R. Plumbi Acetas.....

Lloyd's Hydrastis..

Aqua Dest.....

Misce. Sig.-Use as an injection.

before injecting.)

half drachm.

I ounce.

3 ounces.

(Shake well

..5 grains.

....I ounce.

...3 ounces.

(Shake well

..5 grains

....I ounce.

...3 ounces.

(Shake well


----------- 8 -----------

Special Notice

Absolute Cleanliness Necessary on the

Part of Both Physician and Patient. The

danger of infection through careless handling of

infected parts, can not be too strongly empha-

sized. Not only is there danger to others,

through the use of towels, bedding, etc., but the

patient himself is in great danger of infection,

as concerns the eyes. In no place is absolute

sterility and sanitary care more necessary, than

in the direction of such diseases as that treated

in the foregoing pages.

Asepsin is the one Fragrant Antiseptic and

Energetic Cleanser that, made into Amber Asep-

sin soap, Leaves no Odor on the Skin.

AMBER Asepsin Soap is a transparent, glyc-

erin soap. It cleanses quickly, leaving the skin

It should be

constantly employed, by both the physician and

patient, when treating unclean diseases. Phy-

sicians can obtain it from pharmacists generally.

For sale by all jobbing druggists and apotheca-

ries in America. AMBER ASEPSIN SOAP is manu-

factured by Lloyd Brothers, Cincinnati, Ohio.



----------- 8 -----------


Astringent prescriptions, if employed

first on a case of Gonorrhea,

fiable to cause

are very

stricture, consequently

should never be used in the acute stage.

Their final use, after the previous em-

ployment of Prescriptions Nos. 1, 2, and

for a couple of weeks, is productive

of better results, these preparations hav-

ing almost entirely restored the normal

condition of the infected parts. It is

much safer, however, to avoid if possible

the use of strong astringents.

Many practitioners, disappointed in

the treatment of Gonorrhea, will value

the foregoing terse suggestions relative

to a safe and pleasant method of treating

a condition in which the usual line of

medication is offensive and frequently


[All injecting liquids should be milk

Such as contain precipitates,


should be shaken before use.

Physicians' prescriptions for the fore-

going will be compounded by all phar-


Keep clean the hands and person.

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