ABOUT: a really interesting forum:

QUESTION--about the art of communication:
Carbonrider, hmmm. Whence the interesting moniker? And which method of communication do you like, and/or prefer, to use? DIALOGUE? DEBATE? Or what?

Me? Thanks to Socrates and to the great DIALOGUES OF PLATO, I still like using this method. So here I CONTINUE:

Carbonrider, recently you responded to me, "Hmm, that's some interesting thought processes.

"In an answer to your question, I understand time to be " a " fourth dimension. ... But, I personally mingle in the definition of 4D as a space direction,
purely geometrical.

"However, using time as 4D is a great way to grasp
the concept, then apply it to space only. I firmly believe that there is
no time, but only space."

Carbonrider, feel free to call me Lindsay.

And keep in mind that even in as a curious child and especially in my early teens I was a lover of all
kinds of knowledge and ideas--including the weird kind of philosophies, sciences and the arts.

So I now assume it is okay with you for me to write to you as a theologian. Agreed?

With this in mind, may I also ask you about your comment above: You mention the words space and time. Is this where we get the word "spacetime"? Or is there a better word?

Also, here is a revised version of some of the comments and questions I mentioned above, which, way back, I remember coming to mind as I thought about what I intended to do when I finished high school in June, 1946.

At the time--number 7 in a family of eight--I was 16 and very happy that I had marks in all subjects, especially in the sciences, well above what were needed to qualify to enter university--the first in my much-appreciated family to get beyond grade 5.
Keep in mind: Our mother died of TB in 1935. Then, father became seriously ill with miner's lung and died in 1944. No medicare in those "good old" days.

Meanwhile, our oldest brother, Bill (then 34) and his good wife then led the family--the oldest brother and sister had died, of TB, in their 20s. Their only nurse was mother. Yes, there was some good news:


Interestingly, I soon found out that the person who became our minister--on --in the summer of 1942 (the year I was 12--was newly ordained and had also graduated from Mount Allison University--which is still connected with the United Church of Canada.

When I expressed my interest to him that I dreamed of and would like to go university, he was delighted.

Here are just some of the questions I asked him at the time: At Mount A, a church-based university, is it OK to question the Bible and what it says about God? That is, a god--one with dimensions--who many people think
of and assume is a human-like supernatural being up there, or out there?
[More on this story, later on. And STAY TUNED!

About how I got the money I needed to get to MOUNT A ]

I now wonder what my minister--long since moved on to the next and freer dimension--would have responded had I then asked him:
God? Is He for you a male-like being with dimensions?


How many in this forum are open to having a dialogue about God vs G~~D?--an acronym, which for me indicates the
infinite oneness of total Reality, of Being itself and beyond the confining and not-so-free dimensions of the cosmos we are getting to know.

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