In a recent dialogue I thanked GOD. Then I added G~Ơ~D
Note that I thanked GOD—and I pointed out that it is not to be confused with the noun, God—the word used by religionists and simple believers.

They use it to refer to a supernatural and human-like being, one with dimensions, which some worship and also affirm that HE exists, agnostics doubt and atheists reject.

For me it is an acronym that I like to use to mean all that is Good, Optimistic & Desirable—a concept that all good people can build on and benefit from.

The special acronym, G~Ơ~D, takes this idea even further.

TT, keep in mind: All questions and fair comments, by ALL posters, are welcomed.
G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT